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  Keyboard 12-key common-bus
12 key keyboard with common
1 - 58.00
10 - 46.40
  R1396B push switch off-(on) w. blue LED
Black push button SPST off-(on) with blue LED. * Function: momentary closing (SPST-NO) * Max current: 400mA * LED: 2.8V / 20mA
1 - 39.00
10 - 35.10
25 - 29.25
100 - 23.40
  Push button arcade ø100mm Big Dome red
Push button switch in gargantuan format. The button has a diameter of almost 1dm! Inside the button is a LED that runs on 12V. The LED is mounted in a socket, which makes it easy to replace. The switching function is momentary switching, which means that the micro switch has two terminals, one normally open and one normally closed. The micro switch is rated to about 10 000 000 cycles (in other words, quite durable). The button can be mounted in two different ways: Alternative 1: Mounting hole: 24mm Build height: ~45mm Depth behind panel: ~40mm Alternative 2: Mounting hole: 88mm Build height: ~30mm Depth behind panel: 55mm
1 - 109.00
10 - 98.10
  Foot switch
Footswitch in PVC. Rubber feet to keep it in place. 1 switching momentary connector, Max 50V 1A Cable length 1m. Size: 81x82x31mm
  Tactile buttons 12pcs
Pack of 12 circuit board mounted tactile push buttons with tops in six different colors. The buttons fit well in breadboards and prototype boards.
  Push switch PCB LED blue
This is a simple LED-illuminated tactile button with a clear cap. It's just like a basic tactile button, but it lights up white! So now you can get visual feedback, or light up your project. These have a 12mm body and are rated for 50mA. They don't easily fit into a breadboard, but check below for a breakout board. We also have these in a a variety of colors, check below to see the others.
1 - 19.00
10 - 17.10
  Keyboard 16-key X-Y black buttons
Size: 69 x 65 mm Nominal voltage: 24 VDC Nominal current:20 mA Temperature range: -20...+60 °C
1 - 89.00
10 - 72.98
  Micro switch D2F on-(on) with lever
Micro switch in sub-miniature format. Momentary switching contact and pins for PCB mounting. * Function: momentary switching on-(on) / SPDT * Contact rating: 30VDC / 2A * Working temperature: -20 to +70°C * Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.5 x 5.8mm * PCB pins: 3x 3.5 x 0.9 x 0.4mm * Pitch: 5.08mm * Manufacturer: Omron * Model: D2F-L
1 - 14.00
10 - 12.60
25 - 10.50
  Push button PCB 12x12x15mm
Circuit board mounted tactile push button. Single-pole momentary (SPST).
1 - 7.00
10 - 6.30
25 - 5.25
100 - 3.15
  Push button arcade ø30mm LED white
A button is a button, and a switch is a switch, but these translucent arcade buttons are in a class of their own. Particularly because they have LEDs built right in! That's right, you'll be button-mashing amidst a wash of beautiful light with these lil' guys. They're the same size as common miniature arcade controls, and require a 30mm diameter hole for mounting. Thus they are sometimes referred to as 30mm diameter. The buttons screw in place, so you can use with up to ~20mm thick material, and will cover up if the hole if it isn't perfectly round and clean. The action is smooth, without a strong click, yet you can definitely feel when the button is pressed. A tiny micro-switch is pre-installed, with gold plated contacts. Even unlit, they look fantastic: all of the colors have a crystal translucent glossy look. As noted they have two surface mount LEDs with resistors built in, buried in the button body. Next to the switch contacts are two additional contacts for powering/controlling the LEDs. The two LEDs are connected in parallel with ~1K resistors each, so you can power the LED from a microcontroller pin or direct from 5V (say USB) with 10mA draw. You can go down to 3.3V power, only 2mA per button, but they'll be dimmer.
  Tryckknapp PCB 12x12mm - 4-pack
This is a simple 4-pack of multicolor buttons, great for all sorts of projects! Unlike previous iterations of multicolor buttons, this packs tactile switches are actually recessed into the housing so they dont accidentally fall off during use. Each pack comes with one red button, one blue button, one yellow button and one green button. These are the same buttons included in the SparkFun Inventors Kit v4.0. We loved them so much we had to include them in our favorite kit!
1 - 19.00
10 - 18.05
25 - 17.10