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  Adaptercard SO8 - DIL8
Adapter card for conversion from SO-8 to DIP-8.
1 - 10.00
10 - 9.00
100 - 7.50
  PCB w. photo resist fibre glass 230x220 single
Single sided Coated with white protective film Short exposure time Positive photo resist
1 - 122.00
10 - 109.80
  PCB FR4 1.6mm 35u 200x160 single
Single sided copper clad board. 1.6mm glass-reinforced epoxy laminate (FR4). 35µm copper thickness. Size: 200 x 160mm
1 - 60.00
10 - 54.00
25 - 45.00
  PCB w. photo resist fibreglass 100x160mm 1.5mm 70u single
Single sided Coated with photoresist and blue protective film Thickness 1.5mm Copper thickness 70u
1 - 56.00
10 - 50.40
  PCB w. photo resist fibreglass 54x250mm 0.8mm 35u single
Single sided Coated with photoresist and blue protective film Thickness 0.8mm Copper thickness 35u
1 - 35.00
10 - 31.50
  Experiment board QFP 0.5mm universal
Adapter board for converting any QFP-package up to 80-pin with 0.5mm pitch to through-hole with 2.54mm pitch. The through-hole connectors are 4x 2x10p regular headers. For packages: QFP-30 to QFP-80 / 0.5mm pitch
1 - 49.00
10 - 44.10
  Photo resist - POSITIV-20 200ml
Photo resist in a spray can. Spray onto properly cleaned copper clad board. After that, the board is exposed with a positive film, and developed in potassium hydroxide. After that, the board is etched in sodium persulfate. Contents: 200ml Irritant Flammable. Read the Safety data sheet before use.
  MXP breadboard
The MXP Breadboard provides a 300 tie breadboard & 50 tie bus bar on an expansion card compatible with the NI myRIO expansion port (MXP). The MXP Breadboard functions as an I/O breakout, with digital and analog signals mapped to two headers on either side of the breadboard itself. The MXP Breadboard's connector is also keyed to ensure correct connection with your NI myRIO.
  Protoboard for big red box 145x82mm
Large protoboard that fits perfectly in "Enclosure with flanges" ( 41012086 & 41010836). The board has 1488 holes and can be broken in half. The boards can be mounted stacked on top of eachother using standoffs. * Dimensions: 145 x 82mm
  Flexible PCB material Pyralux 80x100mm
Extremely thin and flexible polyimide copper clad laminate. The thickness is just 0.05mm and can be used for flexible circuit boards and cables (FPC, FFC). The copper coil is 35µm and covers one side of the laminate. Can be etched just like regular boards. Patterns can be printed directly in laser printers. * Dimensions: 80 x 100 x 0.05mm * Layers: 35µm copper / 50µm polyimide
  Protoboard for FB20
Protoboard made for enclosure FB20. The holes are not connected. Traces can be made using component legs or hook-up wire. * Dimensions: 71.5 x 46.5mm * Mounting holes (c-c): 56.5 x 41.5mm (ø2.54mm) * Component holes: ø1mm * Grid: 2.54mm (0.1")