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  Zinc spray 400ml
Spray for galvanizing metal parts.
  Silicon carbide medium (220) 10g
Powder for grinding. Can be used for grinding quartz crystals. 220g mesh 10g bag.
  Silicon carbide fine (600) 10g
Powder for grinding. Can be used for grinding quartz crystals. 600g mesh 10g bag.
  Conductive paint - BarePaint 50ml
Bare Paint is just like any other water-based paint... except that it's electrically conductive! This means that you can actually paint wires onto things like models, clothes, furniture, walls, almost anything you can think of. Standard acrylic or water-based paints can even be used alongside Bare Paint to act as insulation or to create multi-layer circuitry! You can apply Bare Paint like any other water-based paint. You can use a brush, a roller, printmaking equipment, some intrepid users have even tried to spray the material through an airbrush! It's important to note that as Bare Paint dries the conductivity increases (and will continue to increase to a certain extent even after the Paint "feels" dry), so if your project requires calibration, let the Paint dry completely before testing it. Note: Bare Paint is not meant for use on skin! Note: Bare Paint is not waterproof, but depending on what your application is you can paint over it with a waterproof paint or varnish. On the bright side this does make for easy cleanup. Features: Water-based, nontoxic and dries at room temperature. Bare Paint can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including (but certainly not limited to) paper, cardboard vellum, wood, metal, plaster, some rubbers, plastics and many textile. Soap and warm water will take Bare Paint off of most surfaces. Can last years if treated properly and kept dry.
  Label remover - LABEL OFF PRF
Effective way to remove labels. Spray onto stickers or labels and leave for around a minute. After this the label comes off easily. Manufacturer: PRF
  Cleaner for TFT displays 200ml
Cleaning spray for TFT displays. Forms a foam which doesn't run along the display, making cleaning easier. Contents: 200ml Manufacturer: Kontakt Chemie
  Conformal coating spray 165ml
Protective laquer spray for circuit boards. Can be soldered through. Forms a transparent and flexible film.
  Contact cleaning spray 400ml
Fat-free contact cleaner that removes fat, grease, dust and oxide from surfaces. Gentle cleaning for most materials. Quick to dry and leaves no residue.
  Compressed air 520ml PRF 4-44
Pressurised air for cleaning cameras, projectors, PCBs, etc. Leaves no residue and doesn't corrode equipment.