Cable tie 1000pcs 41003824
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1000 pcs cable ties in assorted lengths and colors.

* Dimensions: 500x 100 x 2.5mm, 300x 150 x 3.5mm, 200x 200 x 3.6mm, 100x 300 x 3.6mm

* Colors: red, white, blue, yellow, green

* Temperature range: -40°C to +110°C

* Material: Polyamide (nylon 6.6)

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  • Hook-Up Wire AWG22 - Assortment (Stranded)

      Hook-Up Wire AWG22 - Assortment (Stranded)
    An assortment of colored wires: you know it's a beautiful thing. Six different colors of stranded wire in a cardboard dispenser box. Sit this on your workbench and stop worrying about having a piece of wire around! * Cable gauge: 22AWG * Cable length: 25 ft / Spool (~7.5m) - 150ft in total (~45m) * Colors: Yellow, Red, Brown, White, Grey, Black 41011040
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  • Safety test lead ø4mm 1m - black

      Safety test lead ø4mm 1m - black
    Test lead with isolated 4mm banana plugs. The connectors are stackable and has extremely low contact resistance. The cable is made from silicone and is very flexible. * Length: 1m * Rated voltage: 1000V, 15A * Contact resistance: 0.5 mohm * Wire gauge: 0.75mm2 41011962
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  • Cable assy BNC m/m 0.5m

      Cable assy BNC m/m 0.5m
    Coaxial cable, RG58 type, with BNC male plug in each end- Impedance 50 ohm Length 0.5m 41010235
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  • RS232/TTL level converter

      RS232/TTL level converter
    Kompakt modul för omvandling av RS-232-signaler till TTL-nivå, och vice versa. Kan spänningsmatas med 2.8-5.5V, och TTL-nivån bestäms av matningsspänningen. Det går alltså bra att använda modulen för 3V, 3.3V och 5V system. Modulen är försedd med en standard 9-pol D-SUB för RS-232. Hastigheten kan vara 300-115200 bps. Lysdiodindikering för RX och TX. 41002889
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  • Helping hand with magnifier

      Helping hand with magnifier
    Sometimes you need more than two hands. At these times, this stand can lend a helping hand. Two crocodile clips can hols objects, and a 2.5 diopter magnifying glass helps viewing tiny objects, reading on ICs etc. Size: 125x55x195mm 41000980
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  • Screw nylon MCS 3 x 10 mm

      Screw nylon MCS 3 x 10 mm
    Nylon screw with M3 thread. * Dimensions: ø3 x 10mm 41000901
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