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Featured products

  USB-cable A-male - mini B male 1.8m 5-pin
USB cable with male connector type A in one end, and mini-B in the other. Commonly used with USB-hubs, digital cameras and other small USB devices.
1 - $4.70
10 - $3.99
25 - $3.15
  Power cord EU grounded 3x0.75
Power cable EU plug, open ends Length 1.5m - H03VV-F3G 0.75 mm²
  Test lead 2mm plug 300mm green
Testsladd med 2mm bananplugg i vardera ändan. Längd 300mm.
1 - $1.08
10 - $0.98
25 - $0.81
  USB- to RS-232 converter PC/Mac/Linux
There are a lot of devices out there that still communicate over RS232 but we bet your new laptop isn't one of them. Don't worry, though, we've got you covered. This converter plugs into your computer's USB port and provides you with a DB-9 RSR232 connection. After installing the drivers onto your Windows, Mac or RedHat Linux system, the FTDI chipset inside the cable will enumerate as a COM port with a buad rate adjustable to whatever setup you want to connect to. Includes: USB to RS232 Converter Cable Driver CD
  Adapter HDMI female - female
HDMI skarvkontakt. Används för att skarva samma två HDMI-kablar. Guldpläterade kontakter, gjutet kontakthus. Hög kvalitet. OBS: Normalt kan den totala kabellängden för HDMI vara max 15m. Behövs mer bör man sätta in en förstärkare.
1 - $3.61
10 - $3.25
25 - $2.71
  Test leads for multimeter - safety type
Safety test leads for multimeter with silicone cables. Retractable cover for probes.
  JST-PH breadboard jumper cable 3-pin 140mm
Cable with a 3-pin JST-PH connector in one end and three 0.64mm pins in the other. Suitable for connecting displays and other modules to breadboards and development boards. * Length: 140mm * Connectors: JST-PH 2mm 3-pin / 3x 0.64x0.64mm pins
1 - $2.65
10 - $2.39
25 - $1.99
  FPC cable 40-pin 0.5mm 200mm with connector board
40-pin FPC cable with 0.5mm pitch. Also included is a small adapter board with two FPC-connectors for making extensions to existing cables. Perfect for extending the wires to TFT displays.
  USB3.0-kabel A-hane - microB-hane 1.8m
Cable for USB 3.0 with A-male connector in one end and a microB-male in the other. 1.8m cable length.
  Test cable BNC - 0.64mm sleeves 1.2m
Test cable with BNC connector in one end and sleeves for 0.64mm pins in the other. Suitable for connecting oscilloscopes and other test equipment to pin headers. * Cable length: 1.2m * Manufacturer: Hirschmann
  USB-cable A-male - micro B male 3m
USB cable with A male and micro-B male. Length 3m.