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Acoustic components converts electric current into sound, or sound into electric current. To this category we count loudspeakers, microphones and buzzers.

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  Speaker 8ohm ø21mm 0.1W
Miniature speaker. Only 21mm diameter! * Impedance: 8ohms * Max power: 0.1W * Diameter: 21mm
1 - $0.96
10 - $0.77
25 - $0.58
100 - $0.39
  Speaker subwoofer 8ohm 6.5" 250W
A 6.5" bass element to use in sub-woofer projects. * Impedance: 8ohm * Power: 250W * Resonance: 50 Hz - 7 kHz * Sensitivity: 91dB * Weight (magnet): 567g Dimensions: * Height: 70mm * Mounting hole: 150mm * Diameter: 166mm * Screw hole c-c: 160mm
1 - $15.54
2 - $13.99
  Speaker 8ohm ø50mm 0.5W
A small speaker that is ideal for radio and amplifier projects and is small enough to fit in robot projects. Loud, low distortion and small format. Specifications: * Impedance: 8ohms * Power: 0.5W * Diameter: 50mm * Build height: 16mm * Coil diameter: 28mm * Weight: 41g
  Siren 110dBA fixed tone
Powerful siren with built-in signal generator. Just connect it to 12V DC and it will produce a loud, continous beep. * Rated voltage: 12VDC (8 - 16V) * Rated current: 160mA * Sound output: =110dB * Operating Temp: -20 - +50°C * Weight: 80g * Diameter: ø55mm * Height: 48mm * Mounting holes (c-c): 23mm
  Speaker 8ohm ø40mm 0.25W thin
Speaker for projects where space is at a premium. With its total build height of just 4mm it will fit in most places! Specifications: * Impedance: 8ohm * Power: 0.25W * Diameter: 40mm * Thickness: 4mm * Weight: 11g
1 - $1.19
10 - $1.07
25 - $0.89
  Speaker 8ohm ø57mm 0.25w
Low-cost speaker for educational and testing purposes. * Impedance: 8ohms * Max power: 0.25W * Diameter: 57mm
1 - $1.75
10 - $1.48
25 - $1.22
  Piezo element ø20mm 7BB-20-6
Piezo element that can be used either to play sound or in reverse, to pick up sound / vibrations Extremly low build height. Requires external oscillator. When used to pick up sound, it's usually called a contact microphone. Resonant frequency: 6.3 kHz ± 600 Hz Impedance: 350 ohm @ 6.3 kHz Diameter: 20mm Thickness: 0.42mm
  Geophone - SM-24
Need to put your finger on the pulse of the Earth? Did I just blow your mind? A geophone works by translating ground movement into voltage, which can easily be read by a microcontroller. The SM-24 geophone element is designed to offer the highest performance in seismic exploration based upon field-proven I/O Sensor technology. Low distortion, combined with excellent specifications, provide high-fidelity data. Basically, it's a super low frequency microphone for the ground. Perfect for all of your 2-D & 3-D seismic exploration needs with bandwidth from 10 Hz up to 240 Hz Tight specification, low-distortion geophone Extended spurious over 240 Hz, allowing full bandwidth at 2-ms sampling Sensitivity of 28.8 V/m/s
  Miniature speaker ø30mm 8ohm 5W
Small speaker for computers and televisions. * Max power: 5W * Impedance: 8ohm * Frequency range: 150Hz - 20kHz * SPL: 78dB * Dimensions: 32 x 13mm * Model: BF32
  Miniature speaker ø25mm 8ohm 3W
Small speaker for computers and televisions. * Max power: 3W * Impedance: 8ohm * Frequency range: 150Hz - 20kHz * SPL: 76dB * Dimensions: 28 x 10.8mm * Weight: 21g * Model: 28KC08-1-A
  Speaker 4ohm 3W with enclosure and JST-connector
This 2.8" x 1.2" speaker is a great addition to any audio project where you need 4 ohm impedance and 3W or less of power. We particularly like this speaker as it is small and enclosed for good audio volume and quality. It has a handy JST 2PH input cable to add audio to your displays and other projects (this connector is part of the JST-PH series which is ~2.0mm spacing). Speaker weight: 26.4g Dimensions: 30mm x 70mm x 17mm / 1.2" x 2.8" x .7" Cable is 22.5" long 3.4mm diameter mounting holes 63mm x 24mm mounting rectangle
  INMP411ACEZ-R7 MEMS microphone
Surface mount miniature microphone with a high signal-to-noise ratio, low power consumption and wide frequency response. Suitable for portable and battery powered devices. Built-in amplifier with an analog output. * Size: 4.72 x 3.76 x 1mm * Sensitivity: -42dBV * Signal-to-noise ratio: 62dBA * Frequency response: 100Hz - 15kHz * Runs on 1.5 - 3.3V * Power consumption