AD8130ARZ SO-8 Single op-amp diff. line receiver 41015856
Tillverkare: Analog Devices
Typbeteckning: AD8130ARZ
I lager: 5


The AD8130 is a differential-to-single-ended amplifier with extremely high CMRR at high frequency. Therefore, it can also be effectively used as a high speed instrumentation amp or for converting differential signals to single-ended signals. The AD8130 is stable at a gain of 1 and can be used for applications where lower gains are required. The AD1830 has user-adjustable gain to help compensate for losses in the transmission line. The gain is set by the ratio of two resistor values. The AD8130 have very high input impedance on both inputs, regardless of the gain setting.


* High speed: 270 MHz, 1090 V/µs @ G = +1

* High CMRR: 94 dB min, dc to 100 kHz / 80 dB min @ 2 MHz / 70 dB @ 10 MHz

* High input impedance: 1 MO differential

* Input common-mode range ±10.5 V

* Low noise: 12.5 nV/vHz

* Low distortion: -79 dBc worst harmonic @ 5 MHz

* User-adjustable gain

* No external components for G = +1

* Power supply range +4.5 V to ±12.6 V

* Power-down



Kapsel SO-8
Kretsar 1
Strömförbrukning 9.9mA
Offsetspänning 0.4mV
Brus 12.3nV/√Hz
Bandbredd 250MHz
Svängningshastighet 1100V/µS
Matningsspänning (min) 4.5V
Matningsspänning (max) 25.2V
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