74HC595 monterad på kort

Art.nr: 41009724
Tillverkare: Sparkfun
I lager: 3


74HC595 8-bit skiftregister monterad på adapterkort för enkel anslutning till kopplingsdäck och experimentkort. Kortet har ingångar för Clock, Data och Latch. Flera kort kan kaskadkopplas för att ge fler utgångar. Serial In och Serial Out är bekvämt placerade så att korten kan monteras brevid varandra.


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      Stiftlist 2.54mm 1x40p brytbar
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  • SN74HC165 monterad på kort

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    The SN74HC165N is a neat little IC that will take an input of up to 8 parallel lines and produce a single, serial output. It's a great way to increase the number of inputs on a microcontroller. This breakout makes it easy to prototype using the 74HC165 by breaking out all of the pins you need to standard 0.1" spaced headers. We've also lined up the data and power pins so that you can easily make chains of them and expand the number of outputs under your control! This chip works with a voltage supply anywhere in the range of 2-6VDC, and at clock frequencies of up to 29MHz (@6VDC). Note: The SER_IN and SER_OUT labels are swapped. Features: Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V Parallel-to-Serial Data Conversion Outputs Can Drive Up To 10 LSTTL Loads Low Power Consumption, 80-µA Max ICC ±4mA Output Drive at 5 V Low Input Current of 1 µA Max Complementary Outputs Direct Overriding Load (Data) Inputs Gated Clock Inputs 0.1" Spaced Headers
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  • ATtiny85-20PU DIP-8 8-bit MCU flash 8k

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    Microcontroller based on the AVR RISC architecture. Max CPU operating frequency: 20MHz Flash: 8kB RAM: 512B EEPROM: 512B Features * 8-bit Timer/Counter with Prescaler and Two PWM Channels * 8-bit High Speed Timer/Counter with Separate Prescaler * USI Universal Serial Interface with Start Condition Detector * 10-bit ADC - 4 Single Ended Channels - 2 Differential ADC Channel Pairs with Programmable Gain (1x, 20x) - Temperature Measurement * Programmable Watchdog Timer with Separate On-chip Oscillator * On-chip Analog Comparator * debugWIRE On-chip Debug System * In-System Programmable via SPI Port * External and Internal Interrupt Sources * Low Power Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, and Power-down Modes * Enhanced Power-on Reset Circuit * Programmable Brown-out Detection Circuit * Internal Calibrated Oscillator * Six Programmable I/O Lines * Speed Grade: 0 10 MHz @ 2.7 - 5.5V, 0 - 20 MHz @ 4.5 - 5.5V * Temperature Range: Industrial (-40° to +85°C)
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    I lager: 92 
    1 - 29.00
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