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Sensor starter-kit för Arduino

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Tillverkare: Sparkfun
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If youre new to electronics and programming, the RedBoard Starter Kit is a great way for beginners to get their foot in the door. This little guy is essentially a mini SparkFun Inventors Kit (minus the manual which you can find below) and can be taken straight out of the box to help you make a slew of basic circuits, including:

Blinking LEDs

Making (bad) music

Responding to buttons

Twisting a volume knob

Detecting ambient light

Reading temperature

Mixing LED colors

And more!

This version comes with our newest SparkFun RedBoard! Also included is a multitude of parts and sensors so you can start messing around with projects.

If you are looking for a great starting point into programming or are simply on a budget, look no further than the RedBoard Starter Kit.

Kit Includes:

RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino - The SparkFun RedBoard, fully assembled and tested.

SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable - This 6' cable provides you with a USB-A connector at the host end and mini-B connector at the device end.

Red Miniature Breadboard - Excellent for making circuits and connections off the Arduino.

Male to Male jumper wires - These are high quality wires that allow you to connect the female headers on the Arduino to the components and breadboard.

Flex Sensor - Originally designed for the Nintendo Power Glove, now you too can measure flex!

SoftPot - Measure position along the softpot by looking at the change in resistance. Its like a touch sensitive volume slider.

Photocell - A sensor to detect ambient light. Perfect for detecting when a drawer is opened or when night-time approaches.

Thermistor - A sensor for detecting ambient temperature and temperature changes.

Tri-Color LED - Because everyone loves a blinky. Use this LED to PWM mix any color you need.

Basic LEDs - Light emitting diodes make great general indicators.

Linear trim pot - Also known as a variable resistor, this is a device commonly used to control volume, contrast, and makes a great general user control input.

Piezo Speaker - Make wonderful, brain splitting noises, alarms, and possibly music!

12mm button - Because big buttons are easier to hit.

330 Ohm Resistors - Great current limiting resistors for LEDs, and strong pull-up resistors.

10k Ohm Resistors - These make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters.

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