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OPA627AP DIP-8 Op-amp hi-speed Difet

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Precision High-Speed Difet Operational Amplifier

The OPA627 Difet operational amplifier provides a new level of performance in a precision FET op amp. When compared to the popular OPA111 op amp, the OPA627 has lower noise, lower offset voltage, and much higher speed. It is useful in a broad range of precision and high speed analog circuitry. The OPA627 is fabricated on a high-speed, dielectrically-isolated complementary NPN/PNP process. It operates over a wide range of power supply voltage +/-4.5V to +/-18V. Laser-trimmed Difet input circuitry provides high accuracy and low-noise performance comparable with the best bipolar-input op amps. High frequency complementary transistors allow increased circuit bandwidth, attaining dynamic performance not possible with previous precision FET op amps. The OPA627 is unity-gain stable.

Difet fabrication achieves extremely low input bias currents without compromising input voltage noise performance. Low input bias current is maintained over a wide input common-mode voltage range with unique cascode circuitry.


* Very low noise: 4.5nV/vHz at 10kHz

* Fast settling time: 550ns to 0.01%

* Low Vos: 100uV max.

* Low drift: 0.8µV/°C max.

* Low Ib: 5pA max.

* Unity-gain stable


* Precision instrumentation

* Fast data acquisition

* DAC output amplifier

* Optoelectronics

* Sonar, ultrasound

* High-impedance sensor amps

* High-performance audio circuitry

* Active filters