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  • Kom igång med lödning - kit

      Kom igång med lödning - kit
    Utbildningskit för nybörjare inom lödning. Innehåller alla verktyg och allt material som behövs för att bygga de två medföljande byggsatserna. Innehåll: Lödkolv med hållare Lödtenn Avbitartång 1 minikit - blinkande lysdioder (MK102) 1 minikit - LED ljusorgel (MK103) Blinkande lysdioder (MK102): Byggsats med två blinkande lysdioder. Hastigheten styrs med två potentiometrar. Perfekt lödningsträning. Man får testa löda de vanligaste förekommande komponenterna, som motstånd, kondensatorer, lysdioder och transistorer. LED ljusorgel (MK103): Byggsats med fyra högintensiva lysdioder som reagerar på ljud via den inbyggda mikrofonen. Känsligheten kan styras med potentiometer. 41010667
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  • Komponentsats BWSN

      Komponentsats BWSN
    This kit was designed to accompany Rob Faludi's Building Wireless Sensor Networks book, which is the comprehensive guide to ZigBee wireless networks. This kit includes many of the parts and pieces you will need to work through the examples in the book. If you're serious about learning everything you need to know about XBee networks, this kit and the book will get you up to speed in no time (or as long as it takes you to get through the book). Note: The kit includes everything listed below and in the pictures. It includes many, but not all of the components needed. You may need an Arduino and some other components. This kit is not meant to be all-inclusive as you may already have some of the parts necessary. Note: This product is a collaboration with Rob Faludi. A portion of each sales goes back to him for product support and continued development. Includes: 1x - AA battery holder 2x - 10uf 25v capacitor 2x - 1.0uf 50v capacitor 1x - mini-USB cable (6ft) 1x - buzzer 1x - 9V wall adapter 1x - photocell 2x - clear breadboard 1x - 9V to barrel jack adapter 2x - XBee 2mW - series 2 1x - barrel jack 2x - straight male header (40-pin) 4x - 2mm 10-pin XBee socket 1x - LED assortment 1x - TMP36 1x - 5V black on green LCD (16x2) 2x - XBee breakout board 20x - 10K ohm resistors 20x - 100K ohm resistor 1x - 10K trimpot 20x - 300 ohm resistor 20x - 20K ohm resistor 20x - 200K ohm resistor 1x - XBee Explorer USB 1x - 33mm push button 1x - NPN transistor 1x - 3.3V voltage regulator 1x - jumper wire kit 41004651
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  • LogicBlocks Kit

      LogicBlocks Kit
    Digital logic is the foundation of every task that a computer can do, so it's no wonder that in order to fully understand how computers and other digital electronics work, you need to be familiar with logic gates. The problem is that logic gates aren't the most "hands on" subject, until now. LogicBlocks allow you to play with logic gates by literally plugging one into another and watching the progression of an input to an output! Each LogicBlock represents a different logic function: the NOT block is a simple inverter, where the output is the opposite of the input. The AND block will only output a 1 if both of the inputs are 1. The OR block will output a 1 if either of the inputs are 1. There are also input blocks and splitter blocks. Each block has a light on board that will light up to represent the 1 or "true" state with a slight delay from the input signal. This way, you can flip the switch on an input block and follow the propagation of that signal through your logic tree. This delay also allows you to use the Feedback cable to generate new inputs based on the output of your logic circuit! These things are seriously fun, even if you don't know anything about electronics, and playing with them is the ultimate hands-on course in logic gates. This kit also includes our LogicBlocks Experimenter's Guide which explains the basics of digital logic and the function of each block. Kit Includes: 3 x Input Blocks 2 x AND Gate Blocks 2 x OR Gate Blocks 3 x NOT Gate Blocks 2 x Splitter Blocks Power Block Feedback Cable Coin-Cell Battery 41011176
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  • MAH Starter-kit för Arduino rev 3

      MAH Starter-kit för Arduino rev 3
    Ett starterkit anpassat för bl.a Malmö Högskolas kurser. Innehåller: 12200029 Arduino UNO USB board rev 3 10160840 Kopplingsdäck 840 anslutningar 41000663 Piezo transducer 4.5 kHz 41001412 Tryckknapp PCB 0.8 mm svart 40910027 Pot 10 kohm lin PCB 40850001 Fotomotstånd CdS 2-5 kohm 41003291 USB-kabel A-hane - B-hane 2m 41003181 Kopplingstråd byglar för kopplingsdäck - mjuka ca 60 st 10 st lysdioder och motstånd 12200003
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  • Sensor starter-kit för Arduino

      Sensor starter-kit för Arduino
    Startkit för Arduino från SparkFun. Innehåller allt som behövs för att komma igång och experimentera med Arduinoplattformen! Ingen tryckt manual medföljer, men guiden till SparkFun Inventors Kit finns att ladda ner gratis och innehåller övningar som även passar till Sensor Start-kit. Innehåll: * RedBoard processorkort * USB-kabel * Mini-kopplingsdäck * Testsladdar * Sensorer (flex, position, ljus, temperatur) * RGB-lysdiod * Potentiometer * Tryckknapp * Motstånd (330ohm, 10kohm) 41010838
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