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  Vacuum tweezer for SMD components
Tool for picking up and placing small surface mounted components. Unlike regular tweezers, that may have difficulties gripping and cause damage to the components, this one uses a small suction cup that is maneuvered with a button on the handle. Three differently sized cups are included and can be stored in the handle.
1 - 42.00
10 - 37.80
  Crimp plier for isolated connectors
crimping tool for insulated terminals for cable sockets: 0,25-1,5mm² (red) 1,5-2,5mm² (blue) 4-6mm² (yellow) features: - automatic stop - release function - ratchet for constant pressure
  Tweezers set 2pcs insulated
Set with two insulated tweezers, one bent and one straight. * Lengths: 110 / 120mm
  Crimping plier coax
Crimping tool for mounting connectors on coaxial cable. Fits several types of connectors and cable types. * For connectors: BNC, TNC, UHF, SMA * For cable types: RG 55, 58, 59, 62, 140, 141, 142, 210, 223, 303, 400 and BELDEN 8279 * Crimping diameter: 6.48 / 5.4 / 1.72mm
  Hard metal drill ø1.1mm skaft 3.17mm
Specialborr för glasfiberlaminat. Mycket hög precision. OBS! Använd stativ för borrmaskinen Längd: 38 mm. Borrskaft: ø3,17 mm.
1 - 35.00
4 - 28.00
  Hard metal drill ø1.5mm skaft 3.17mm
Specialborr för glasfiberlaminat. Mycket hög precision. OBS! Använd stativ för borrmaskinen Längd: 38 mm. Borrskaft: ø3,17 mm.
1 - 35.00
4 - 28.00
  Avbitare 125mm ESD
Avbitartång, sidavbitare, i ESD-säkert utförande. Knipex 79 42 125 ESD Precisionstång för elektronik och finmekanik Skären är induktivt härdade, skärhårdhet ca 64 HRC Skruvled, exakt och glappfri tångrörelse Dubbelfjäder med låg friktion för god ergonomi
  Handledsband metall 4mm ställbart
Konduktivt handledsband Hög tillförlitlighet och bra ledningsförmåga Nickelfri En justerbar storlek för att passa alla Utsidan är ej ledande (isolerande) Insidan är konduktivt ledande Anslutning 4mm knapp han
  Spiralkabel 1.8m banan 7mm
Spiralkabel för anslutning av handledsband. 1 Mohm motstånd (i handledsbandets anslutningssida) Anslutning knapp hon Färg svart
  Grounding Cord 10mm male 3m
Terminaler 10 mm hane + banan / ring Längd 3 m förbinda matta till jord. Inbyggt skyddsmotstånd på 10M.
1 - 119.00
4 - 107.10
  Cleaning brush for circuit boards ESD-safe
ESD-safe brush for cleaning circuit boards. Perfect for removing solder flux without damaging components or board. The entire brush is 178mm long and the brush head is 38 x 13mm with 13mm long bristles.
  Storage book for SMD components 20 pages 19x14cm
This cute hard-covered booklet will make storing your SMT parts a breeze with translucent flip-pages that are designed for keeping taped parts. The book has 20 pages, 19 of them are for 8mm tape (the most common size of tape by far) and 1 page is for 24mm or smaller tape. Each page has multiple 'slots' that you can slide your tape into. The slots are about 3.5" long, and there are 12 per 8mm page and 6 on the 24mm page. Its easy to slide parts in due to the flexible pages, and you can even write with a sharpie marker onto the slots to help identify the tiny components. These are essentially the 'blank' version of our popular 0805/0603 resistor & capacitor books Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5" x 1.25" (19cm x 14cm x 3.5cm) Weight: 300 grams