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  Toggle switch 1-p on-off-on solder lugs MTS-103
Vippomkopplare 1-pol växlande (SPDT) med mittläge. Max 3A 125V AC Kontaktresistans Monteringshål ø6mm
1 - 6.50
10 - 5.85
25 - 4.88
100 - 3.90
  Top green
Plasttopp för vippomkopplare typ MTS-xxx
1 - 2.00
10 - 1.60
100 - 0.80
  Slide switch 2-p on-on solder lugs
Slide switch 2pole 2PDT (on-on) with solder lugs for panel mounting. Max. current: 3A Max. voltage: 150V Total length: 35.8mm Fitting size: 24.2mm x 10.8mm Material: silver/brass
1 - 9.00
10 - 8.10
25 - 6.75
100 - 5.40
  Push button arcade concave ø35mm yellow
Momentan tryckknapp med växlande kontakt. This is a 35mm concave momentary push button similar to the ones you find on arcade games. Simple screw in design. Perfect for mashing. This button has a great tactile, 'clicky' feel. Features: Concave plunger design Durable nylon material Microswitch: max 3A @ 120 VAC Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles Includes 3 terminal microswitch Net weight: 25g Dimensions: Cap diameter: 35mm Overall height: 65mm Mounting hole: 1 1/8th inch paddle bit (1.125" / 28mm)
1 - 29.00
10 - 26.10
  Push switch 1-p off-(on) vandal proof LED white
Vandal proof push switch with LED. The button has a switching, momentary contact (one normally open and one normally closed). The LED runs on 5V. Specifications: Stainless Steel Body IP65 Weatherproof Rating Tamper Resistant Latching Operation Type Rated to 250VAC @ 3A Mounting hole: 16mm Depth behind panel: 30mm
1 - 89.00
10 - 80.10
25 - 71.20
  Toggle switch 1-p on-off LED red
Specifications type: ON-OFF SPST cap: red remark: with red LED light 2V contact rating: 5A/250Vac, 10A/125Vac drill Ø: 20mm electrical life: 10000 actuations at full load mechanical life: 50000 operations contact resistance: insulation resistance: 1000Mohm dielectric strength: >1500V: 1 minute >3000V: between poles operating temperature: -30°C to +85°C materials: housing: 66 nylon (UL94V-2) actuator: 66 nylon (UL94V-2) movable contacts: copper, silver-plated stationary contacts: copper, silver-plated terminals: copper, silver-plated contact: spring-loaded
1 - 30.15
10 - 27.13
  Topp transparent
Transparent top for push button: 41010498. Rectangular front. Mounting hole: 3.9mm x 7.8mm. Can be illuminated with built-in prism.
  KeyPad - 4x4 button
A basic 16 button keypad for user input. The buttons are setup in a matrix format. This allows a microcontroller to 'scan' the 8 output pins to see which of the 16 buttons is being pressed. * Weight: 10 grams * Dimensions: 50mm x 44mm x 1.6mm * Connector: 2.54mm header 8-pin
  Keyboard membrane 1x4
Membrane keyboard with four momentary buttons. The keyboard has a 70mm long FPC-cable and the connector is a 5-pole female header with 2.54mm pitch common, 2, 1, 4, 3). An extra long, male header is also included, which makes it a breeze to connect to a breadboard. Dimensions: 69 x 20 x 1mm
1 - 39.00
10 - 35.10
  Push button ø15mm 1-p off-(on) red
Momentary push button for panel mounting. Fits holes with diameter 15mm. Easy to mount thanks to the snap-in tabs. Only 11mm build depth (16mm incl. terminals). * Max voltage: 125V * Max current: 1A * Function: momentary, closing (NO) * Connection: solder lugs
  Push button ø12.2mm 1-p off-on black
Push button for panel mounting. 12.2mm diameter mounting hole. Switching function / off-on. * Max voltage: 250V * Max current: 1A * Connection: solder lugs * Function: switching * Mounting hole: ø12.2mm * Build depth: 28mm * Color: black / black
  DIP switch 8-pol vinklad numrerad (restparti)
Tillverkare: Maruwa Modell: YD-08Z