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Arduino är en utvecklingsplattform baserad på öppen källkod. Arduinos främsta kännetecken är att den är flexibel, enkel att använda - och att konceptet är en kombination av hårdvara och mjukvara.

Arduino kan läsa av omgivningen genom att ta emot signaler från en mängd olika sensorer, och den kan påverka omgivningen genom att skicka signaler till en mängd olika mekanismer såsom motorer, reläer, belysningar etc. Det mikroprocessorbestyckade styrkortet programmeras genom Arduinos egna programmeringsspråk (baserat på Wiring - i huvudsak C syntax) genom Arduino utvecklingsmiljö (baserad på Processing). Program som skapats genom Arduino kan köra självständigt på Arduino-kortet, eller arbeta tillsammans med en PC eller annat system.

Arduino IDE (integrerad utvecklingsmiljö) finns för Windows, MAC-OS och Linux. Programkoden skrivs i en texteditor och laddas sedan ner till Arduino-kortet via USB.

Arduino-korten kan byggas för hand, eller köpas som färdigbyggda moduler. All dokumentation finns tillgängliga under en öppen källkodslicens, såsom kopplingsschema och CAD-ritningar. Du kan därför fritt anpassa dessa till dina egna behov.

Hos Electrokit kan du köpa det mesta som rör Arduino till rätt pris. Electrokit har sålt Arduino sedan början av 2007, och är både en av de första och en av de största distributörerna i Europa.

Alla Arduino Original produkter är tillverkade av Arduino SRL i Italien, och bär Arduino logo.

Vi har också ett stort utbud av produkter från andra tillverkare.

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  WiFly Shield
Shield för att ge 802.11b/g WIFI-anslutning till Arduinokort. Innehåller RN-131C WIFI-modul samt samt en SC16IS750 SPI-UART-brygga för att öka överföringshastigheten samt frigöra Arduinons UART för andra ändamål. På kortet finns även ett utrymme för experimentuppkopplingar. Shielden innehåller en 3.3V-regulator och kommunikationen mot Arduino sker via SPI (D10-D13). Köp till stackningsbara hylslister eller stiftlister.
  LiPower Shield
Shield för att ge Arduinokort batteridrift via ett LiPo-batteri. Shielden innehåller allt som behövs för laddning av och skydd för batteriet. Spänningen från batteriet ökas från 3.7 till 5V för att driva Arduinon och med MAX17043G+U kan man även övervaka batterikapaciteten. Laddkretsen är konfigurerad för 100mA laddström, men genom att montera ett externt motstånd kan den ökas till 500mA.
Shield för att konvertera SPI- och I2C-portarna på Leonardo till det klassiska formatet som finns på Uno. Gör att man kan använda shields för Arduino Uno på Leonardo. Kortet har även en liten yta för experimentuppkopplingar, så det är ett bra prototypkort för Leonardo, även om man inte behöver flytta SPI- och I2C-portarna.
  Adafruit Pro Trinket 3V 12MHz
Trinket's got a big sister in town - the Pro Trinket 3V! Pro Trinket combines everything you love about Trinket with the familiarity of the core Arduino chip, the ATmega328. It's like an Arduino Pro Mini with more pins and USB tossed in. Trinket's a year old now, and while its been great to see tons of tiny projects, sometimes you just need more pins, more FLASH, and more RAM. That's why we designed Pro Trinket, with 18 GPIO, 2 extra analog inputs, 28K of flash, and 2K of RAM. Like the Trinket, it has onboard USB bootloading support - we opted for a MicroUSB jack this time. We also added Optiboot support, so you can either program your Pro Trinket over USB or with a FTDI cable just like the Pro Mini and friends. The Pro Trinket PCB measures only 1.5" x 0.7" x 0.2" (without headers) but packs the same capability as an Arduino UNO. So it's great once you've finished up a prototype on an official Arduino UNO and want to make the project smaller. The Pro Trinket 3V uses the Atmega328P chip, which is the same core chip in the Arduino UNO/Duemilanove/Mini/etc. However, it uses 3V logic and 12MHz clock which means it's good when you want a lower-power and lower-voltage setup. Pro Trinket is programmable using the Arduino IDE as you already set up, and 95% of Arduino projects will work out of the box! Here's some things you may have to consider when adapting Arduino sketches: Pins #2 and #7 are not available (they are exclusively for USB) The Pro Trinket 3V runs at 12MHz, this doesn't affect most projects. Only the most timing-specific libraries may be affected, check the documentation! The NeoPixel Library works fine at 12MHz. The onboard power supply is a 3.3V regulator and it can provide 150mA output You cannot plug shields directly into the Pro Trinket There is no Serial-to-USB chip onboard. This is to keep the Pro Trinket small and inexpensive, you can use any FTDI cable to connect to the FTDI port for a Serial connection. The USB connection is for uploading new code only. The bootloader on the Pro Trinket use 4KB of FLASH so the maximum sketch size is 28,672 bytes. The bootloader does not affect RAM usage. Here's some handy specifications: ATmega328P onboad chip in QFN package running at 3.3V logic 12MHz clock rate, 28K FLASH available USB bootloader with a nice LED indicator looks just like a USBtinyISP so you can program it with AVRdude and/or the Arduino IDE (with a few simple config modifications). Also has headers for an FTDI port for reprogramming Micro-USB jack for power and/or USB uploading, you can put it in a box or tape it up and use any USB cable for when you want to reprogram. On-board 3.3V power regulator with 150mA output capability and ultra-low dropout. Up to 16V input, reverse-polarity protection, thermal and current-limit protection. Power with either USB or external output (such as a battery) - it'll automatically switch over On-board green power LED and red pin #13 LED Reset button for entering the bootloader or restarting the program. Works with 99% of existing Arduino sketches (anything that doesn't use more than 28K, and doesn't require pins #2 and #7) Mounting holes! Yeah!
  Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE
Feather is the new development board from Adafruit, and like it's namesake it is thin, light, and lets you fly! We designed Feather to be a new standard for portable microcontroller cores. This is the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit - our take on an 'all-in-one' Arduino-compatible + Bluetooth Low Energy with built in USB and battery charging. Its an Adafruit Feather 32u4 with a BTLE module, ready to rock! We have other boards in the Feather family, check'em out here. Bluetooth Low Energy is the hottest new low-power, 2.4GHz spectrum wireless protocol. In particular, its the only wireless protocol that you can use with iOS without needing special certification and it's supported by all modern smart phones. This makes it excellent for use in portable projects that will make use of an iOS or Android phone or tablet. It also is supported in Mac OS X and Windows 8+. At the Feather 32u4's heart is at ATmega32u4 clocked at 8 MHz and at 3.3V logic, a chip setup we've had tons of experience with as it's the same as the Flora. This chip has 32K of flash and 2K of RAM, with built in USB so not only does it have a USB-to-Serial program & debug capability built in with no need for an FTDI-like chip, it can also act like a mouse, keyboard, USB MIDI device, etc. To make it easy to use for portable projects, we added a connector for any of our 3.7V Lithium polymer batteries and built in battery charging. You don't need a battery, it will run just fine straight from the micro USB connector. But, if you do have a battery, you can take it on the go, then plug in the USB to recharge. The Feather will automatically switch over to USB power when its available. We also tied the battery thru a divider to an analog pin, so you can measure and monitor the battery voltage to detect when you need a recharge. Here's some handy specs! Like all Feather 32u4's you get: Measures 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.28" (51mm x 23mm x 8mm) without headers soldered in Light as a (large?) feather - 5.7 grams ATmega32u4 @ 8MHz with 3.3V logic/power 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak current output USB native support, comes with USB bootloader and serial port debugging You also get tons of pins - 20 GPIO pins Hardware Serial, hardware I2C, hardware SPI support 8 x PWM pins 10 x analog inputs Built in 100mA lipoly charger with charging status indicator LED Pin #13 red LED for general purpose blinking Power/enable pin 4 mounting holes Reset button The Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE uses the extra space left over to add our excellent Bluefruit BTLE module + two status indicator LEDs. The Power of Bluefruit LE The Bluefruit LE module is an nRF51822 chipset from Nordic, programmed with multi-function code that can do quite a lot! For most people, they'll be very happy to use the standard Nordic UART RX/TX connection profile. In this profile, the Bluefruit acts as a data pipe, that can 'transparently' transmit back and forth from your iOS or Android device. You can use our iOS App or Android App, or write your own to communicate with the UART service. The board is capable of much more than just sending strings over the air! Thanks to an easy to learn AT command set, you have full control over how the device behaves, including the ability to define and manipulate your own GATT Services and Characteristics, or change the way that the device advertises itself for other Bluetooth Low Energy devices to see. You can also use the AT commands to query the die temperature, check the battery voltage, and more, check the connection RSSI or MAC address, and tons more. Really, way too long to list here! Use the Bluefruit App to get your project started Using our Bluefruit iOS App or Android App, you can quickly get your project prototyped by using your iOS or Android phone/tablet as a controller. We have a color picker, quaternion/accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer or location (GPS), and an 8-button control game pad. This data can be read over BLE and piped into the ATmega32u4 chip for processing & control You can do a lot more too! The Bluefruit can also act like an HID Keyboard (for devices that support BLE HID) Can become a BLE Heart Rate Monitor (a standard profile for BLE) - you just need to add the pulse-detection circuitry Turn it into a UriBeacon, the Google standard for Bluetooth LE beacons. Just power it and the 'Friend will bleep out a URL to any nearby devices with the UriBeacon app installed. Built in over-the-air bootloading capability so we can keep you updated with the hottest new firmware. Use any Android or iOS device to get updates and install them. This will update the native code on the BLE module, to add new wireless capabilities, not program the ATmega chip. Comes fully assembled and tested, with a USB bootloader that lets you quickly use it with the Arduino IDE. We also toss in some header so you can solder it in and plug into a solderless breadboard. Lipoly battery and MicroUSB cable not included (but we do have lots of options in the shop if you'd like!)
  Hållare för Arduino - 5-pack
5st hållare för Arduinokort. Skyddar undersidan och ger ett stabilt fäste för Arduinos i UNO-storlek eller shields. Kortet snäpps fast i hållaren, men kan även skruvas fast om man vill. Kan kopplas ihop med varandra och med kopplingsdäck. Levereras i paket med 5st hållare i olika färger.